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At War With the Motorist: Roadwork charging

November 23, 2010

The mayor???s campaign is for road charging ??? but don???t panic, this is not another war on the poor motorist!  The mayor recognises that London???s streets are not gridlocked because there are too many cars on them, but because there are too many people digging them up.  So this is a ???lane rental??? scheme for utilities companies, encouraging them to make quick, dangerous and botched jobs on their road works by charging them by the hour for closing lanes on busy roads.  This will have the beneficial effect of smoothing the traffic flow.  But the scheme can???t go ahead until central government say it???s OK, and central government seem to think that they have more important things to be doing.

Raises the questions of whether “smoothing traffic flow” read: increasing the speed of traffic in cities is necessarily a good thing, and points out the (to me) obvious drawbacks of such a scheme in terms of the quality of work done.


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