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Half Term Ends

February 24, 2011

The relatively pleasant commutes of half term here seem to have ended, with Manchester’s roads returning to their more usual state of being populated by more selfish, impatient and innatentive people than I’ve seen in the last week or so.

A couple of incidents from yesterday;

1) Driver double parked in a cycle lane.

Well, no problem – signal, swing out of the cycle lane into traffic lane, and overtake.  At which point the parked driver moves back into the traffic where I am without looking.  Evasive action taken by me, no harm done.

2) Driver cutting across the path of an Ambulance on it’s way to/from an emergency.

At a major set of lights, waiting to cross four lanes of traffic (heading straight on).  Heard a siren, saw an Ambulance making its way through traffic (heading left to right from our point of view).  Our light was green – I held up my hand to indicate that I was stopping, and stopped. Driver behind me swung around me, and drove across the path of the ambulance.

Given the reputation cyclists have re: traffic signals (bona fides: I always stop at red, and always have done), you would think that the fact that I’d stopped AT A GREEN SIGNAL might give pause for thought and an indication that a significant hazard could be ahead.

I do wonder just how self important you have to be to consider yourself more important than an emergency vehicle running its blues and twos.

Neither driver faced any consequences for their actions, and both are doubtless out there still, ready to run into the side of you, or to hold up an emergency vehicle on its way to your neighbourhood because of their selfishness and inattention.

War on the motorist? Give me a f*cking break.

CODA: I know I moan a lot about crappy drivers. It’s because they put me at risk, day in, day out.  If you drive, and can be bothered to look where you’re going, read the road ahead to some degree, and consider other people around you on the road, I salute you.  You shouldn’t be the minority out there.


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