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SBS Cycling Central Feed – A Quick Review

July 20, 2011

I posted this in my updated podcast listing, and thought I should talk a little more about it.  I’d intended to do a proper review, but realised that the Tour would end before I wrote that, so I’m dashing this off instead.

Essentially this is a feed with three podcasts on it – there are regular stage updates, about three minutes long that just recap the result and GC.  There’s also the Sag Wagon, a daily 30 minute show, and interviews (usually conducted by Anthony Tan).

The Sag Wagon is the one I wasn’t sure about in my podcast listing.  It is an odd format, most of the talking is done by host Sam Pang, a journalist whose background is football, olympian Dave Culbert (who I’d assumed was a cycling olympian, but was actually a long jumper),  and a cycling journalist, Sophie Smith, who is deferred to when results, stats &c are needed. 

I have to say, I’m warming to the Sag Wagon – it is flippant, but it’s more good natured than my first impressions of it suggested, and I like the interplay between the hosts.  Is it the place to go for incisive post race analysis? Probably not, but it’s good fun, and I’m now looking forward to their intermittent features (Chateau of the Day, the Battle for the Lanton Rouge, Where Did Tony Martin finish today, and so on…).

If you’re of a serious frame of mind, the interviews will make this feed well worth adding to your podcasts.  You might remember Anthony Tan as a somewhat, er, disruptive presence on last year’s Cycling News tour podcasts.  He’s far better in charge of the microphone, I think, and worthy of particular note are his interviews with Colombian journalist Luis Barbosa, author and journalist Richard Moore, and Cycling News’ Dan Benson.

In short, I think my first impressions of SBS’ Cycling Central podcast offerings were wrong – add the feed and see what you think.


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