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Quick Look: Seawhite A6 Sketchpad

June 14, 2012


I was mooching around a local art supply shop on my lunch hour yesterday, and spotted these – this is part of a larger range that includes cahier and “mole-a-like” type books, as well as a handy looking square sketchbook. 

The range is reasonably priced (this hardback, 46 leaf A6 book comes in at £3.29) and what interested me was the claim that the paper was suitable for “all media”. As I’ve been dipping my toe in watercolour lately, I thought it would be worth giving these a try.

I’ve not used watercolour in it yet, but here’s a quick ink test;


I’m impressed to see that even usual suspects like Waterman Havana Brown, and Diamine Amazing Amethyst exhibit no feathering.  In fact, the only criticism I’d level at the paper is that it’s a bit “toothy” for use with fountain pens, that’s to be expected in a sketchbook though. 

The covers are a firm, cloth covered board, with a “Seawhite of Brighton” logotype debossed into the rear cover.  The signatures are stitched, then glued into the binding.  The cover overhangs the paper slightly, by what looks to me to be 3 or 4mm on the bottom and side, and 2 or 3mm on top.  The book needs a little encouragement to lie flat, but at this price, I can put up with that.

The pocket size “mole-a-like” book is slightly more expensive, at £4.39 (I think) but I’m very tempted to pick one up after trying this sketchbook – I particularly like the look of the half blank/half lined version of the moleskine style too.  Unfortunately they’re not “reporter” format (they’re bound portrait style), but again, for the paper, and the price…

Seawhite only sell their products directly from their factory shop (otherwise selling wholesale only) but you can find stockists at their website.

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