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A New Thing – Caran d’Ache Gouache Studio 8

January 14, 2013


Caran D’Ache Gouache Studio Set

I was mooching around my local WH Smiths when I found this.  It was on the clearance shelf, and marked down for being damaged (£10 rather than £15 or £20, depending on where you look for the rrp). 


Inside the Box

A quick examination revealed that nothing was missing, and that the contents were in good condition (the outer cardboard sleeve was a mess, and that seemed to be all). So, an impulse buy was made.

What you get (in a large plastic clamshell case) is a decent no.5 brush, seven cakes of gouache, and a tube of white.


With the Paint Tray Lifted Out 

The tray holding the paints can be lifted out, giving a very large space for mixing colours.  The paints themselves are student quality, apparently, which means they won’t be hugely light fast, but by all accounts will provide a decent way to try out this type of paint.


Colour Test

I’ve not done much with these yet (the colour test is the only thing I’m comfortable showing off) – the appeal for me is the opacity – and also the reason I’m finding things difficult, having become accustomed to watercolour! Figuring out how much water to add is proving tricky too.  With that said, they mix nicely enough, and once I figure out how/if I can get the effect I want, I think I’ll enjoy them.  If I fail, I’ll just use them for adding to my watercolours 🙂


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